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    Meet the Next (R)evolution of Organic Fertilizer

    Like nothing ever before.

    Sustainable Excellence

    Committed to delivering superior organic products that uphold environmental integrity and enrich the ecosystem.

    Authentic Heritage

    Embracing and preserving the rich traditions and authentic flavors of local Thai agriculture.

    Eco-Innovative Youth Vision

    Led by youthful enthusiasm, we bring fresh, eco-innovative solutions that redefine sustainable agriculture

    Customer Wellness

    Ensuring the purity, safety, and healthfulness of our products, prioritizing the well-being of our customers.

    Change the Way You Consume

    Unlock unparalleled culinary experiences with our innovative organic fertilizers!
    Boost your yield while contributing to a healthier planet and strengthening local economies.

    Compelling Organic Solutions

    With both dry and liquid fertilizers, there is truly no comparison to other organic fertilizers.
    Totem® has it all.

    totem fertilizer
    totem Thailand

    Signature Fertilizer Excellence

    Totem® Organic Fertilizer has received endorsements from leading
    agricultural entities and sustainability organizations. Featuring
    synergistic blends adaptable to diverse cultivation needs, and
    harmonized with both growth and bloom phases, it allows you to
    experience holistic plant nourishment and unparalleled yield quality,
    all in one solution

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