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    Home Made Soil Receipt

    "Fertile Foundations: Crafting Homemade Soil Mixes for Cannabis Cultivation"

    Creating a perfect soil mix for cannabis cultivation can be both an art and a science. Here are three home-made soil recipes to consider:

    1. Basic Soil Mix:
      • 3 parts compost
      • 3 parts peat moss
      • 2 parts perlite, moistened
      • 1 part vermiculite, moistened
    2. Nutrient-Enriched Soil Mix:
      • 2 parts compost
      • 2 parts peat moss
      • 1 part perlite
      • 1 part vermiculite
      • 2 cups fine sand
      • Totem Ferilizer
      • 0.5 cup lime (to balance pH)

    Remember to adjust the quantities based on the size of your growing area, and feel free to tweak the recipes based on the specific needs of your plants and your personal growing preferences.