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    Welcome to Thai Sticky Crew

    Our Journey
    Tip and Na Bon’s are not merely life partners; they are united globetrotters on a mission for freedom and respect for all beings and the environment. Their shared passion for agriculture has led them to deeply understand the needs of fellow growers and small-scale farmers. With a harmonious blend of passion and hard work, they strive to develop superior fertilizer formulas to aid those who, like them, dream of a greener, more harmonious world. Their journey is more than a shared life; it’s a shared commitment to making the world a fertile ground for respect, passion, and coexistence.

    Our Essence
    Thai Sticky Crew stands as a testament to sustainable, organic cultivation, advocating for growers who, like us, have a profound respect for Mother Nature. With 15 years steeped in the world of cannabis, we leverage our vast experience and the wisdom gained from industry experts to refine cultivation techniques and develop fertilizers that are a class apart, ensuring we bring you nothing but the best from nature’s bounty.

    Our Roots
    Having our foundational roots with High Sticky Crew in Switzerland and France, we extended our reach to Northeast Thailand, aiding Tip’s family farm for five meaningful years and championing cannabis legalization since 2015. Thai Sticky Crew was founded in August 2022, as a beacon of hope and a hand of change in the world of cannabis cultivation.

    Our Mission

    • To champion small-scale, organic cultivation and environmental conservation via the "Farm Sticky Crew" project.
    • To deliver 100% organic and locally sourced fertilizer through "Totem Fertilizer," promoting local growth and sustainable practices.
    • To be a guiding light in the market, offering knowledge, quality, respect, and professionalism, with a focus on community upliftment and mutual growth over competition.
    • To maintain the highest quality standards, where the pursuit of excellence is never overshadowed by expansion.
    • To assure fair returns and organic cultivation opportunities to local farmers, promoting equitable practices and sustainable growth.
    • To innovate and adapt, developing products suited to the Thai environment through our genetics seed bank and the #LaCrèmeDeLaCrème project.


    Our Promise
    We pledge to bring passion, integrity, and cooperation to the market, safeguarding local initiatives and delivering products that are the embodiment of quality and love.

    Our Gratitude
    We thank you for joining our journey and for believing in our vision. Let’s weave a world where nature and progress dance in harmonious rhythm.

    With Warm Regards, Tip & Na Bon’s #LaCrèmeDeLaCrème

    "It’s our way of bringing humanity to an industry that’s about helping people first and foremost — and always has been."

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