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    Farm Sticky Crew: Cultivating Change

    Our Roots
    Thai Sticky Crew goes beyond being just a company; it’s a movement stemming from the roots of our creator, Tip, in the quaint village of Ban Sang Phon in Ubon Ratchathanni district. Born amidst the simplicity and limited resources of this village, Tip, along with her partner David aka Na Bon's, envisioned a life of enrichment and sustainability for her family and fellow villagers.

    Living the Village Life
    Dwelling in the village for four years, Tip and Na Bon’s immersed themselves in local life, aiding in farming cassava and rice, and discovering avenues to elevate the living conditions of the villagers. Our focus is on enhancing life quality while preserving natural tranquility.

    Commitment to Progress
    Our journey is characterized by unwavering commitment and substantial devotion of time and profits to:
    • Fostering organic and sustainable agriculture.
    • Instituting a reliable water supply without compromising natural reserves.
    • Safeguarding the jungle and its rich biodiversity.
    • Establishing a responsible waste management system.

    Catalyst for Change
    We seek not just solutions but lasting impacts. To bring about real change, we welcome:

    • Expertise and Knowledge.
    • Funding and Resources.
    • Skilled Labor and Handwork.

    Cannabis for a Cause
    We firmly believe in the transformative power of cannabis for relief and wellness. To us, it's a beacon of hope and a savior for the planet. We are committed to translating our beliefs into actions that instill a new way of living and thinking amongst farmers, rekindling our love and respect for the land.

    Join the Movement
    We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone fueling this precious project. Your donations, your purchases from the Farm Shop, are not just contributions; they are the embodiments of love and hope.