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    Thai Sticky Crew

    Butterfly – The Terps Booster

    "Butterfly," aka "The Terps Booster"

    delivers an explosion of natural flavors to your harvests. Infused with humic and amino acids, this blend is an ode to taste enthusiasts, promising an unmatched sensory delight.

    Experience eco-friendly farming without compromising on taste or tradition, all thanks to Butterfly. Dive deep into Thai heritage, relish the richness of flavors, and watch your produce transform into culinary masterpieces.

    Choose Butterfly: Where nature's essence and Thai traditions meet

    How to use:
    Mix it with 1-2 ML for 1 Litre of water

    Ideal Application Time:
    Only during the bloom phase.

    ->Download The Watering Schedule

    100% Made in Thailand #LaCrèmeDeLaCrème

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