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    Air Extractors & Intake Fans

    An air extractor and an intake fan are essential components in a grow room, operating by creating an airflow. The extractor, positioned at a higher point, refreshes the CO2 levels and expels the stale air from the grow room while regulating the temperature. On the other hand, the intake fan complements the extractor by optimizing the air exchange. It is typically placed at the bottom of the room, opposite to the extractor, and runs at a lower speed. The power of these two fans should be proportional to the heat generated by the lighting sources used, depending on the cultivation space.

    The air extractor removes warm, oxygen-depleted air from the grow rooms, making it indispensable for indoor cultivation. It prevents plants from suffocating and wards off attacks from pests and mold that thrive in stagnant, humid conditions. Reversing the direction, you would have an intake fan, which brings fresh air into the grow area.