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    Sticky Crew Records

    High Sticky Crew is much more than a top-tier cannabis cultivator and fertilizer maker. Music, especially rap, flows in our veins.

    Our mission
    to merge these two passions and create something grand.

    Sticky Crew Records embodies this vision. We aim to rejuvenate rap, to bring back those voices that shaped our years, and to introduce the artists we believe carry and spread our essence. Our label is dedicated to creation – freestyles, collaborations, compilations, music videos – all while maintaining unwavering quality. #LaCrèmeDeLaCrème.

    Our commitment is clear
    Sticky Crew Records is here for the artists, for their growth, and not solely for financial gain. As our collective expands, discover the talents that represent us today.


    🇺🇸 #1
    Ruste Juxx - Freestyle High Sticky Crew #1 (Prod. Kyo Itachi)