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    Why Use Clone & Not Seed

    A Case for Cloning: Why Clone Over Growing From Seed

    Introduction: Cloning offers various advantages over growing cannabis from seeds. This article delves into why cloning is often a better choice for many cultivators.


    1. Genetic Consistency: Clones carry identical genetic material as the mother plant, ensuring uniformity in growth, potency, and flavor.
    2. Time-Saving: Cloning skips the germination process, accelerating the cultivation timeline.
    3. Cost-Efficiency: Once a good mother plant is obtained, cloning can be a cost-effective way to propagate many plants.
    4. Predictability: Growers know what to expect regarding growth habits, yield, and quality.

    Choosing between seeds and clones depends on individual preferences, the resources available, and the goals of the cultivator. However, the advantages of cloning are significant, especially for those looking to maintain specific strains' traits over time.

    Seeds are good to be selected as Regulars seedsand to breed. We dont recommande to grow with feminized seeds