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    Best Time To Harvesting Cannabis

    The ideal time to harvest depends on the strain and personal preference. Fast-maturing strains like Indicas might be ready in 40 days of flowering, while Sativas could take up to about 100 days

    Visually, without a magnifying glass, the buds should be swollen,
    harvest time

    and the pistils partly oxidized (brown).

    when harvest cannabis

    Under zoom, if the trichomes are still clear, wait


    harvest when you see a milky/amber mix.

    Ready Trichoms

    The maturation time given by breeders, from the first pistil to harvest, is a good guideline. For example, if you have a Skunk with a theoretical harvest on day 55, and the first white pistil appears on day 10 of flowering, aim to harvest around day 65 of flowering. Similarly, if you have a Haze meant to be harvested in 10 weeks, and the first pistil appears after 2 weeks of 12/12 light schedule, plan to harvest around the 9th week of the 12/12 light schedule.