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    The Interplay Of Phenotypes In Grow

    The phenotype of a cannabis plant is a reflection of its genetic and environmental influences, embodying a specific trait composition among a strain's potential spectrum.
    It's a formula of Genetics + Growing Environment = Phenotype,
    which explains why identical strains may exhibit varying traits under different growing conditions. Much like human offspring inheriting a blend of traits from their parents, cannabis plants display a range of phenotypes based on their genetic lineage and environmental nurture. Unstabilized strains may showcase a broader phenotype diversity, while stabilized strains tend to exhibit consistent traits. Yet, even in stabilized strains, environmental factors like:

    • Temperature;
    • Humidity;
    • Nutrients;
    • Lighting;
    • And irrigation frequency, among others

    can evoke different phenotypic expressions, emphasizing the importance of a controlled growing environment alongside selective breeding to hone and stabilize desired traits in your cannabis cultivation journey.