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    Temperature & Humidity

    The Phases of Cultivation and Their Importance in Indoor Growing Ventilation

    Temperature and humidity are critical factors to consider when growing cannabis indoors as they significantly impact plant growth and development, which can also be adjusted through ventilation. It's essential to understand that recommended settings vary according to the cultivation phase since each stage requires specific conditions for optimal results. The differences in temperature and humidity recommended for each cultivation phase are detailed below:

    • Germination: During this initial stage, it's crucial to provide a warm and humid environment to promote successful seed germination. It is recommended to maintain the temperature between 75°F and 82°F, while the relative humidity should be around 70-80%. These optimal conditions promote faster germination and a higher success rate in the emergence of healthy seedlings.
    • Growth: In the vegetative growth phase, plants develop their structure and foliage. During this stage, a slightly cooler environment with higher humidity is sought to promote vigorous growth. The recommended temperature is between 68°F and 78°F, and relative humidity is maintained between 50% and 70%. These conditions allow for robust plant growth and greater efficiency in photosynthesis.
    • Flowering: During the flowering phase, plants begin to produce buds, and different conditions are necessary for optimal development. The recommended temperature during flowering is slightly cooler, ranging from 64°F to 75°F. Additionally, relative humidity should be reduced to avoid issues like mold and to improve bud quality. It's recommended to keep humidity between 40% and 50%. These conditions help avoid fungal problems and promote the formation of dense and resinous buds.
    • Maturation: In the final maturation phase, it's essential to further reduce humidity to prevent mold development and improve bud quality. It's recommended to keep the relative humidity below 40%, preferably between 30% and 40%. The temperature during this stage can be slightly cooler, ranging from 61°F to 72°F. These conditions help the buds mature properly, developing the desired flavor, aroma, and effects.

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