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    Tips For Improving Ventilation

    Here are some useful tips to improve ventilation in your grow room


    fan position

    1-Flexible Ducts (Ventilation Ducts)
    2-Intake Fan
    4-Extraction Fan

    Position your intake fan at the bottom, diagonally opposite to the extraction fan. Remember, you must mount your fan. This will allow a fresh stream of air to circulate within your grow room while removing hot and humid air at the same time. When mounting your extraction fan, use appropriate supports to prevent vibrations. The extraction should be installed diagonally and opposite to the intake fan for better air circulation and the removal of hot and humid air.


    carbon filtre position

    3-Carbon Filter

    It absorbs all kinds of odors caused by plants in certain types of cultivation. The air is filtered and expelled, so there are no more odors. Some types of cultivation can generate unpleasant odors. A professional carbon filter, coupled with the extraction fan, will help eliminate 90-95% of the odors. However, it's crucial to properly attach your carbon filter to the extraction fan; it's important for the odors to be effectively absorbed before being expelled. Therefore, an extraction fan with a capacity of 750m³ will require a 750m³ carbon filter. Do not attempt to use a filter with lower capacity, as it will not function correctly!



    silencer position

    5- Air silencer

    The use of silencers significantly reduces the noise caused by air circulation in the ventilation system. If noise is a major concern, consider using soundproof ducting. This can eliminate up to about one-third of the noise generated by air turbulence. It's necessary to use at least one meter of soundproof ducting on both ends of the extraction fan to reap all the benefits. Using noise silencers, whether rigid or flexible, is also an effective way to reduce noise. They can allow you to operate a ventilation system in a residential space. Again, for better results, attach a silencer to each end of your fan. This will help reduce the sound level by up to a third.



    cannabis air position

    6-Intake fan
    7-Extraction fan with fan speed control

    Use a fan with speed and temperature control module to achieve better temperature and air quality conditions. To achieve precise control in both hot and cold climates, it's beneficial to use fans with automatic speed control and a temperature detector for the extraction duct or with the 4-sensor remote control with a 2-meter length. These fans operate at a reduced speed continuously. Regular air changes are essential for proper growth. An integrated speed control and thermostat will allow you to regulate the number of air changes per hour. It will also compensate for hot and cold temperatures by increasing or decreasing the airflow when triggered by the temperature sensor.


    CAUTION! Equipment that generates heat should be stored outside the grow room.

    To ensure electrical safety and avoid unnecessary heat transfer, all equipment that generates heat should be stored outside the grow room, on a shelf, or on any non-flammable surface.

    Special TIPS:

    Nutrient reservoirs, all liquid nutrients, fertilizers, and additives should also be kept outside your grow room.

    special tip