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    What Pots To Use?

    The choice of pot for growing cannabis significantly impacts the cultivation process and the eventual yield. Various factors influence the choice of pot, including the available space, the type of cannabis seeds or clones you have, your budget, and your cultivation technique. Here's a breakdown of the considerations and examples provided:

    1. Space, Seeds/Clones, and Budget:
      • Assess the space you have available for growing and the number of seeds or clones you can acquire. Your budget will also play a role as larger pots require more soil but fewer seeds.
      • Calculating the size of your room and understanding the space each pot will occupy will help in making an informed decision.
    2. Growing Techniques:
      • The choice of pot size can also be influenced by the growing technique you plan to employ. Smaller pots are more suitable for a "one bud" style of growth, while larger pots are ideal for techniques like Screen of Green (SCROG) or Sea of Green (SOG) where the cannabis plants are trained to grow in a certain way through topping and training.
    3. Vegetation Phase:
      • Larger pots typically lead to a longer vegetation phase. This is the period when cannabis plants focus on growing tall and wide, developing a robust structure before transitioning to the flowering phase.
      • During the vegetation phase, the root system expands and establishes itself, and larger pots provide more room for root expansion, which in turn supports a larger plant canopy.
    4. Yield Estimates:
      • Your choice of pot size will likely influence the yield of dry flowers you can expect. Here are the estimated yields based on pot sizes and vegetation phase durations provided:
        • 3-5L pots: 10-20g of dry flowers with a 2-3 weeks vegetation phase.
        • 5-10L pots: 20-50g of dry flowers with a 3-6 weeks vegetation phase.
        • 10-20L pots: 50-150g of dry flowers with a 5-10 weeks vegetation phase.
        • 20-50L pots: 100-200g of dry flowers with a 6-11 weeks vegetation phase.
        • 50-150L pots: 200-500g of dry flowers with a 7-21 weeks vegetation phase.
        • ... and so on.
    5. Final Consideration:
      • When deciding on the pot size, also consider the ease of management, the watering needs, and the nutrient requirements. Larger pots may hold moisture longer and require less frequent watering.

    In conclusion, the pot size you choose is a critical decision that will affect the manageability of your grow, the health of your plants, and the quantity of your harvest. By considering your space, budget, and cultivation technique, you can select a pot size that will set your cannabis grow up for success.