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    What Is Super Mix?

    Super Mix, often referred to as Super Soil, is a term used within the gardening and cannabis cultivation community to describe a nutrient-rich soil mix that has been pre-amended with organic materials to create a living soil environment for plants. Here's a more detailed breakdown based on the various sources I found:

    1. Preparation and Ingredients:
      • Super Mix or Super Soil is prepared by mixing organic soil with a variety of organic amendments such as Totem Fertilizers
      • The mix typically needs to be prepared well in advance of planting, with a recommended composting or 'cooking' time ranging from a minimum of 14 days up to 20 days to allow the organic materials to break down and create a rich, living soil environment
      • The composting process is crucial for achieving a consistent color and texture in the soil, with regular mixing and watering to initiate the microbial process being advised during the first 7 days of composting​3​.
    2. Usage:
      • Once prepared, the Super Mix is usually placed in the planting containers, filling them approximately halfway, then topped with an inch or two of a base soil mix before transplanting the plants into the final nursery pot and finishing filling with base soil​2​.
    3. Benefits:
      • This type of soil mix is known to be highly beneficial for plant growth, particularly for cannabis, as it provides a rich source of nutrients over a longer period compared to traditional soil mixes​1​.
      • By providing a living soil environment, Super Mix allows for a more natural growing experience, with less reliance on liquid nutrients and fertilizers.
    4. Considerations:
      • Preparing Super Mix requires a good understanding of soil science and the nutritional needs of the plants being grown. BUT IT’S PRETTY EASY WITH TOTEM FERTILIZERS
    5. Variations:
      • There are various recipes and methods to create Super Mix or Super Soil, with different growers having preferences for particular organic amendments based on their experiences and the specific needs of the plants they are growing. We really recommend you to use TOTEM FERTILIZER with a nice substrate mix
    Super Mix or Super Soil is a testament to the organic gardening movement, showcasing the potential for creating highly fertile and self-sustaining soil environments with minimal external inputs.