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    Thai Sticky Crew

    1000 Legs – The Big Bud

    "1000 Legs" aka "The Big Bud"

    combines tradition with modern sustainable agriculture, offering a potent flowering booster enriched with humic and amino acids.

    Designed for unparalleled yields, this blend bolsters your harvest, ensuring larger and more nutritious produce. It stands as a testament to eco-friendly farming, devoid of chemicals yet rich in Thai tradition.

    Opt for 1000 Legs to experience nature's bountiful returns, infused with unmatched quality and reliability.

    How to use:
    Mix it with 1-2 ML for 1 Litre of water

    Ideal Application Time:
    Only during the bloom phase.


    ->Download The Watering Schedule

    100% Made in Thailand #LaCrèmeDeLaCrème

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