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    The Mix – Grow & Bloom Base

    "THE MIX" is Totem® Fertilizer's signature blend - a distinguished Dry Fertilizer Base crafted from pure organic ingredients. Precisely designed, it ensures sustained growth from early stages right up to 100 days of flowering, perfectly synergizing with soil to nourish your plants.

    "Representing the pinnacle of organic quality and cost-effectiveness"

    The Mix's secret formula is deeply rooted in Thai traditions, uniting time-honored practices with contemporary agricultural insights. Opt for The Mix for vibrant plants and abundant yields. Uplift your agricultural experience.

    How to use:
    Blend 1kg of THE MIX with 70-100 liters of soil. Incorporate our range of liquids to ensure rapid and efficient activation of microorganisms and bacteria.

    Ideal Application Time: 
    Primarily during the vegetation phase.

    Effective Duration: 
    Active for 2-3 weeks of vegetation and up to 100 days during flowering.

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    100% Made in Thailand #LaCrèmeDeLaCrème


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